True Crime and Comix Clash

STACHE PUBLISHING and GR1ND STUDIOS announce a team-up to bring the world of hard-hitting crime stories to the comic book page. Planned are a series graphic novels by some of the best writers in urban fiction and true-crime. They’re joined by talented indie comic illustrators to bring stories of Mafioso, suburban drug dealers and inner-city street legends to life.

Supreme Team by Seth Ferranti and Joe Wills

Supreme Team by Seth Ferranti and Joe Wills

“Our mission with Stache is to get more people making comics. This partnership gives us the opportunity to introduce sequential art to amazing writers from diverse backgrounds. It’s great to see them get excited about what comics has to offer them as storytellers,” said Anthony Mathenia, producer for Stache Publishing.

“I was in prison writing books about crack era drug lords and doing interviews with urban fiction authors and I always thought why aren’t there any comics covering this type of subject matter,” said Seth Ferranti of GR1ND Studios. “I would have bought and read them.”

Upcoming titles include Supreme Team, an unflinching look at Queens New York at the birth of crack and hip-hop as illustrated by Joe Wills; Confessions of a College Kingpin, an auto-biographical comic by Seth Ferranti on his life leading up to an LSD kingpin conviction; and LUCKY by writer Christian Cipollini on the life of mobster Lucky Luciano as part of a series on classic gangsters. Other titles will follow.

Confessions of a College Kingpin by Seth Ferranti and K. Anthony Lawler

Confessions of a College Kingpin by Seth Ferranti and K. Anthony Lawler

“These are true stories that we are just fashioning into a comic format. This is real life, not some fantasy world or superheroes and dragons. Not that I don’t like that stuff, but I am a true crime writer and I wanted to bring these stories to comics,” said Ferranti about the street and prison stories he pens.

“These books are a modern twist on the boundary pushing crime comics of the 50’s that lead to the Comic Code,” explained Mathenia. “Since then there hasn’t much like on the comic shelf.”

Stache Publishing and GR1ND Studios are the place where true crime and comics clash. Chapter installments of the launch titles will be available on Comixology and Kindle starting in April with printed graphic novels planned for late 2016. A deluxe preview issue of Supreme Team is currently available at Drive Thru Comics.

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