Joyce Maureira

My name is Joyce Maureira and I live in Santiago, Chile. During school I attended a couple of comic and character design courses, and later I graduated at the University with a degree in Graphic Design, my final project was to design illustrations for t-shirts.

My professional career started with indie videogame developers, for which I did character design and concept art. Then I had the opportunity to work on a vampire webcomic, thanks to an emerging company in Chile. During that comic I developed my passion for working in black & white and I also started working on illustrations for card games, rpg books and tabletop games.

I’m currently developing comics and fantasy illustrations for a variety of publishers.

Tabula Rasa “Equanimity in Hell” & Butterfly “Prelude”

Tabula Rasa “Equanimity in Hell” & Butterfly “Prelude”

Butterfly is the killer comic book prelude to the Deep Penitentiary 6 novella. When Theta Butterfly crosses paths with a former cult associate she is seduced by sweet revenge and sets out to murder the man that made her, Dr. Purple. Tabula Rasa: Equanimity brings the action and the horror. It's vampire hunter Ryan Pierce's last day on the job but when the vampire apocalypse begins he is forced to pick up his machete one last time. More info →