Deanna Brigmann


Deanna, what’s your artistic background and what brought you to comics?

I have been drawing since I can remember and my father was a big Marvel fan. It was something we bonded over and greatly influenced my artistic style. My earliest memories were of Archie comics and X-Men. After some fumbling after high school I decided to pursue a career in art and got a degree in Media Arts and Animation. I do illustration, animation, graphic design, and eLearning design. I recently decided to flex my creative muscles by doing my own webcomic. It is a fantasy adventure series called Obscurato. It is really an excuse for me to draw all those things I don’t get to in my day job!


How did your collaboration for Ice Cold come about? Were there any challenges working in the 2 page format?

I had worked with writer/letterer Edwin Lopez on the Comic Book Collaborations pitch packet contest. That had been my first time collaborating with a writer and we made a great team. When the Noir contest was announced I reached out to him to see if he wanted to work with me again, and he did.The 2 page format really forces you to think about what is important and what isn’t. How many panels does it take to really tell a story and what is essential to conveying information to the reader? I played the story over and over in my head until I came up with shots I thought would work, and that meant modifying the script somewhat. In the end it was a great collaboration, we discussed rationale, strategies, and brought our expertise to each part of the process.


Where is the coldest place you’ve ever been?

Chicago in the middle of winter. I remember it was -19 degrees Fahrenheit, so cold that the doors on the car froze shut! I grew up in 110 degree desert summers so the transition was like being on another planet. I’ve not been someplace that cold since, but I definitely learned how to bundle up.