Stache Wipes Up With New Product

Comic books are a very niche market. Sure, there are different ages, cultures, and genders within the comic community, but it is hard for comic books to break out of the local comic shops and comic conventions and into the hands of anyone on the planet.

That is, until Stache Publishing created a new way to grab first-time readers.


Stache Roll is a new way to read comics. People spend about 42 minutes a week using the restroom. That’s almost 95 days in their entire lifetime! Stache came up with a way to get people reading Stache comics during a time when most people are desperate to read anything.


TP2“The idea came to me when I was taking a dump, as most things do.” Stache’s Jordan Williams said. “I had forgotten my phone in the other room and had resorted to reading the back of a shampoo bottle.”

Stache will begin production of Stache Roll comics later in 2016, with Aporkalypse, Hunter’s Lore, and Gunpowder Witch #1 being the first Roll Comics produced, with the rest of the Stache catalog following soon after.

Stache is planning Stache Roll releases of future comics as well. Seth Ferranti’s Supreme Team and other Gr1nd comics and Marcus Muller’s King of the Unknown have signed on to have Stache Roll releases of their graphic novels.

“We plan on providing Stache Rolls to local organizations such as libraries, restaurants, and bars.” Stache’s Anthony Mathenia says. “We also plan on donating a large number to groups such as the local food pantry and the Red Cross. They may not have many comics in Haiti, but they will have Stache Rolls.”

Be on a look out for Stache Rolls later this year on our online store, at conventions, and in restrooms, outhouses, and porta-johns near you. Stache Rolls are aiming for an October release, just in time for Halloween and waking up to see some Stache comics hanging from your trees.

“It really just makes sense.” Stache’s Drew Rose explained. “It’s just wasted space that could be used for something beautiful. And, honestly, I couldn’t think of a better place for Stache comics.”

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