Stache versus the Undead

Stache Publishing announces Z-Day, a brand new graphic novel co-written by Josh Rader and Brandon Macready with illustrations by Jason White. The comic blends history with horror and is the debut graphic novel from the Viriginia-based creative team.

The story is set in the aftermath of the first atomic bomb drop on Hiroshima, as an elite squad of Marines is ordered to infiltrate a Nagasaki hospital. Their mission is to discover the secret of a new biological weapon. With another bomb racing their way, the team has to survive hordes of infected locals who hunger for human flesh.As the clock ticks down and the horrible truth of the weapon is revealed, the soldiers will be forced to decide if completing their mission is even worth the cost.


“I have a B.A. in history, so it was important to me that we stayed as realistic as possible for a zombie story,” says co-author and scriptwriter Josh Rader. “I’m sure including era specific weapons and vehicles made it more challenging on [illustrator] Jason [White].  The story uses zombies as a main device but ultimately I think it becomes a good horror/war story that in small ways even comments on American Imperialism.”

“I am a huge fan of calligraphy art and watercolors, I use a loose style to create the overall mood of Z-Day,” explains Jason White. “My influence mainly comes from Japanese brush paintings and Eastern art.”

“With every generation there are new stories of vampires, werewolves and undead, but overall it is always good versus bad. Z-Day merges fantasy with real world events and puts a twist on them,” says co-author and team lead Brandon Macready. “I think that monsters are really timeless!”

Z-Day will be available October 2016 as a 108 page graphic novel. A hardcover edition with alternate cover art and bonus content is available exclusively on a Kickstarter pre-sale campaign during the month of August.

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