Stache ‘Levels Up’ with Lee Milewski’s Hunter’s Lore

Hunter's Lore Cover

Stache announces plans for the publication of a brand new fantasy adventure graphic novel, Hunter’s Lore. The comic is about a knight’s quest for personal redemption and is written and illustrated by Lee Milewski.

Hunter's Lore creator Lee Milewski

Hunter’s Lore creator Lee Milewski

In the thrilling adventure, a knight named Rowan Black is destined to a life of solitude within impenetrable walls. Once he realizes his cause is unworthy and forfeiting of purpose, he ventures out to take on an epic quest.

“Hunter’s Lore is different than a lot of fantasy comics due to it being a smaller scale story,” says Milewski. “It’s not necessarily ‘save the world and achieve great things’, but rather a slow trudge through Rowan’s necessity to reclaim his life and pride.”The story of Hunter’s Lore’s may call to mind popular RPG video games, mixed with elements of H.R. Lovecraft and Game of Thrones. The art is influenced by Mike Magnolia’s Hellboy, with the pen replaced with a brush.

Hunters Lore Pg 40

“Independent creators are the blood within the comics industry. When newer and upcoming creators receive support, they’re inclined to stick around and make awesome art and create awesome stories.” Milewski says. “This is true for ANY independent creator, not just me. Give ‘em a chance!”

“Ready to turn your Fantasy up to an eleven? Hunters Lore is going to melt the damn knob off!” exclaims Drew Rose, of Stache. Expect fantastical action and bizarre plots Fall 2015 when the indie publisher releases the Hunter’s Lore graphic novel.

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