Stache Grows Bushier With Marcus Muller and Ryan J. Burst

Stache, an independent comic book publisher, announces the addition of two new members: Marcus Muller and Ryan J. Burst. Muller will provide illustrations and art direction while Burst will focus on initiatives to support the independent comic creating community.

Marcus Muller

“As Stache grows it’s important to bring in others who share our goal of doing good things for independent comics,” said Anthony Mathenia, from Stache. “Marcus and Ryan have helped us immensely in the past and we are excited to formerly partner with them.”

Marcus Muller is a Chicago based illustrator who has worked on various comic book projects, such as for DC and Dark Horse. For three years, Muller has served as co-editor for Stache’s annual Out of the Blue anthology series. He is currently working on King of the Unknown, a supernatural-comedy graphic novel starring Elvis.

Ryan J. Burst

Rochester New York’s Ryan J. Burst is the moderator of /r/ComicBookCollabs. The online Reddit community helps pair comic creators and hosts collaborative, creative events. Under the Streetlight is the first in an anthology series showcasing the community’s collaborations.

Stache Publishing has grown organically out of a local comic book creator club in Southern Illinois. Now, five years later and geographically diverse, Stache is known for Out of the Blue anthology series, original works like The Gunpowder Witch, and graphic novels like Z-Day. Stache is committed to supporting sequential art and helping others #makecomics.