Stache and Marcus Muller Get Ready to Rock!

Stache Publishing and Marcus Muller announce a team-up for the publication of King of the Unknown, an action-packed, supernatural comedy. In the graphic novel, a portly King of Rock becomes a paranormal investigator — and things just get weirder from there.

King of the Unknown Poster

King of the Unknown Concert Poster Series #1

Marcus Muller is a Chicago-based comic creator and has acted as co-editor for Stache’s annual anthology, Out of the Blue. He has provided artwork for Dark Horse Comics, Locust Moon Press, and DC Comics and his illustrations have been featured in Udon Entertainment’s Capcom Fighting Tribute book and in the Eisner Award winning Little Nemo: Dream Another Dream.

“After Out of the Blue wrapped up, I had been shopping King of the Unknown around to a few publishers and thought that it would be a good fit for Stache,” said Muller. “Both Stache and I were on the same page and they really got what I was trying to do with the book. Their support for the project made it an easy sell to sign with them and their whole crew has been knocking it out of the park with ideas to promote the book and get it out there.”

King of the Unknown - Web Preview

King of the Unknown is the new golden standard of Saturday morning cartoons for grown-ups. Marcus Muller masterfully mixes a concoction of paranormal, comedy, and action with artwork and writing rivaling top-industry comic talent. We’re looking to have the comic community ‘all shook up’,” said Jordan Williams, project manager for Stache.

King of the Unknown will be released in print and popular digital formats as a series of graphic novels starting in 2017. For up-to-date information follow @King_of_Unknown. Meet Marcus Muller and pick up a limited edition of King of the Unknown Postcard at C2E2, March 18th to 20th, artist-alley table N16.

“Aside from the interesting conspiracy theories and stories floating around online I think Elvis is no longer with us. But, if he is, I really hope he isn’t offended by King of the Unknown and digs it. I’d like to think he’d be into a lot of the material that’s in the comic, since it does contain a lot of his interests in it…and the occasional peanut butter sandwich,” jokes Muller.

The King!

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