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Primas is a journalistic graphic novel sharing the lives of sex workers in poor areas of Brazil. It is made in partnership with educators at the Federal University of Paráiba.
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About the Book

Puta! Vagabunda!

Rosa carries names like these as she struggles to make her way as a prostitute in one of Brazil’s poorest communities.

With striking illustrations, Primas opens a window to her world of sex and violence, friendship and family.

The graphic novel explores the question of personal decision versus victim of circumstance. Can sex work be a necessary career choice in an area that offers few other opportunities for women?

Artist and educator Alberto Pessoa creates a portrait of Rosa that is both tender and raw. His debut graphic novel Primas is based on field research and interviews conducted in partnership with sociologists at the Federal University of Paraíba.

Never Iron Anything reviews Primas.

Genres: Comics, Graphic Novels, Journalism
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ASIN: 0997012854
ISBN: 9780997012859
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