Pretty Face – Chapter One

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Pretty Face – Chapter One
Series: Pretty Face, Book 1
Genre: Comics
Publisher: Stache
Publication Year: 2014
A paparazzo crashes into the lives of an anorexic supermodel-turned-porn star; a young pop star; and a decrepit former Hollywood starlet who is willing to kill to have a pretty face.
About the Book

Pretty Face is set in a near future America dominated by the entertainment industry. In this tomorrow, celebrities are a commodity, traded, sold, and even killed by an abusive cult running Hollywood. The narrative focuses on two women, struggling to hold onto love and survive the Hollywood meat-grinder. Meanwhile a photojournalist searches for a missing supermodel capable of bringing down the abusive system. The pursuit crashes him into the dark underground of celeb-culture and a reclusive starlet willing to kill for a pretty face. Pretty Face is a ten-chapter ride full of action, suspense, and drama that will be complete at around 300 fully-illustrated pages.

Pretty Face - Chapter One - Page 1 & 2

Pretty Face is an ambitious comic… It tackles modern religion, Hollywood and sexuality– all against a noir/mystery backdrop. The interior art is sleekly handled by Sergio Tarquini and enhanced by the conservative but engaging lettering and coloring of writerAnthony Mathenia. Both creators blend modern comic sensibilities with some of the time-tested positives first pioneered by DC Comics’ Vertigo imprint during its heyday. Each page is “finished” without being overdone– serving pacing and storytelling in a very fun way. – Ryan Morrow, Inveterate Media Junkies.

Pretty Face - Chapter One - Page 13 & 14