Out of the Blue at SoKomics Expo: Co-Editor Corey Fryia Hits the Road with Strange Anthology

ST. LOUIS – Out of the Blue co-editor Corey Fryia will be appearing at the SoKomic Expo in Bowling Green, KY. The strange comic anthology features overs 13 stories and pin-ups by creators from a variety of countries and backgrounds.

Fryia is a Canadian born writer, now living in Kentucky, who is attending SoKomics Expo for the first time. To make his maiden SoKomics Expo attendance special, Fryia is selling prints of a one page comic strip he wrote called Good Boy, a story about what one of his dogs, Sonny, does when Fryia isn’t around. All the profits from Fryia’s Good Boy prints will go directly to the Bowling Green Warren County Humane Society. “I am a huge proponent for animal rights,” Fryia explains. “I truly believe in the work that the good people over at the Bowling Green Warren County Humane Society do.”

Fryia’s comic book origin story started when he got his hands on New Mutants #87. “I was more interested in the art at the time,” Fryia recollects. “I remember flipping through the pages and drawing the various panels.” From there on out, Fryia was creating his own Star Trek, Spider-Man, and Star Wars comics using his favorite popular characters with original stories that popped in his head.

From there he moved to his own original characters. “I try to think of a situation where that character could be inserted into and the rest sort of flows from there. It’s not the most conventional route, but it seems to work for me.” Fryia’s ideas start flowing when the water is flowing. “I do my best creative thinking while I’m in the shower…When I hit a snag or I cant move past a certain part in my story, I simply jump in the shower and the ideas start flowing.” One of Fryia’s shower-aided stories, ‘Wretched’, will be featured in the upcoming 8th volume of Steampunk Originals, published by Arcana Studios.

Page 1 of 'Wretched'

Page 1 of ‘Wretched’

“My work for hire dream would be to be at the helm of a Star Wars [comic] over at Marvel.” Fryia exclaims, being a huge Star Wars aficionado. As much fun as it would be to write for his favorite popular characters, like he did in the past, Fryia has his own characters that he is creating everyday. “My personal dream project would be a creator owned series that I’m able to writer for as many issues as my mind has stories.” Let us hope his shower has a large hot water heater.

SoKomics Expo is being held at The Knicely Conference Center on the Western Kentucky University’s South Campus in Bowling Green, KY on March 21, 2015. Visit www.sokomicsexpo.com for tickets, celebrity and comic creator guest lists, schedules, and more.

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