Ginormous is Huge! New release.

Girnormous First Sale at Cincinnati Comicon

First Ginormous sold at Cincinnati Comicon

Debuting at the Cincinnati Comic Con was Stache’s newest title, Ginormous. The slapstick superhero slacker is the comic child of co-writers Drew Rose and David Tickner. Lauren Ousley provides fluid and dynamic sequential art. Felipe Gaona does a vivid job with the digital color.

“Ginormous is about a slacker named Grant Givens that signs up for a drug study to make some extra cash and gets superpowers,” says co-creator Drew Rose. The story is partially inspired by Rose and Tickners own experience with cash for drug studies.

Stache rages at Ginormous "kegstarter".

Stache rages at Ginormous “kegstarter”.

The comic was funded by the creators Kickstarter campaign supplemented by a “Kegstarter” fundraiser party that was held by the trio. The Kegstarter provided an opportunity for beer drinkers and others who maybe weren’t as tech savvy to support the project. There was lots of dancing and donations for special perks like getting drawn into future installments.

Tickner and Rose are currently at work on two additional chapters to be released as part of trade paperback.

Ginormous – “Party Hard in Asgard”

Ginormous – “Party Hard in Asgard”

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Series: Ginormous, Book 9
Genres: Action, Comedy, Comics
When slacker Grant Givens signs up for a drug-study to make some extra cash he gets super-sized. As superhero "Giant Guy" his stature has improved but not his life direction. In "Party Hard in Asgard" he teams with Thor to handle mischievous Loki. More info →

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