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Gunpowder Witch – Chapter Four

Gunpowder Witch – Chapter Four

Series: Gunpowder Witch, Book 4
Genres: Action, Alt-History, Comics
Rebecca Bell must escape being burned alive to put a final end to Reverend Mather's hateful ideology. Secrets of the past are revealed in this explosive conclusion. More info →
Ginormous – “Party Hard in Asgard”

Ginormous – “Party Hard in Asgard”

Authors: , ,
Series: Ginormous, Book 9
Genres: Action, Comedy, Comics
When slacker Grant Givens signs up for a drug-study to make some extra cash he gets super-sized. As superhero "Giant Guy" his stature has improved but not his life direction. In "Party Hard in Asgard" he teams with Thor to handle mischievous Loki. More info →