Creator Spotlight: Throwing Down with Micah Myers

Micah Myers is a talented independent comic creator from Portsmouth, VA. As a comic book letterer, he provides the “whizz” and “bang” for publishers like Zenoscope and Devil’s Due. For Stache, his work has appeared in both Out of the Blue. He has most recently helped on LUCKY, a graphic novel co-produced with GR1ND Studio, about the life and times of mob-boss Lucky Luciano.

But Myer’s talent goes beyond plopping other people’s words on the page. The letterer jokingly bills himself as a “sometimes writer” and is currently crowdfunding his own book The Disasters about a group of dastardly D-list supervillians on the run.

Stache caught up with Myers at Heroe’s Con to chat about the life of a letterer.

Kayfabe Wrestling Anthology, edited by Micah Myers.

Kayfabe Wrestling Anthology, edited by Micah Myers.

What got you into comic books and how did you get started as letterer, sometimes writer?

I read comics when I was a kid, but didn’t really stick with it. In 2006, I saw Comedians of Comedy and in the movie Patton Oswalt and Brian Posehn make stops on their tour to buy comics. It reminded me about how much I loved comics. I didn’t have any hobbies so I started buying comics. The first comic I bought was Countdown #52, and somehow I am still reading comics.

I got into working in comics in the long pursuit of trying to find a career. Since getting out of high school I have had about 10 careers. In 2012, I started going to school for graphic design, and in doing so realized it was very similar to lettering. I started researching it, and talking to other letterers. I practiced and practiced until someone eventually hired me. It just continued to grow from there.

lucky_page_001_smCan you name a few books you’ve worked on as a letterer?

I have lettered on Grimm Fairy Tales, Mercy Sparx, Solitary, and Elasticator.

For folks that don’t know what a “letterer” is, can you describe the role you play in a creation of a comic book?

I put all the words in the comic. I use the script to put the dialogue, captions, SFX, titles, and credits on the art.

Take us into the craft a bit, as a letterer, how do you approach a new book you’re working on?

I talk with the creator, and get a feel for the book. I look at the art, and start making decisions on the fonts and other design choices.

The Disasters by Micah Myers.

The Disasters by Micah Myers.

You currently have a Kickstarter campaign underway for a comic book called “The Disasters”. What can you tell readers about it?

It is a book about four D-list supervillains who through some odd circumstances accidentally kill a hero. They then go on the run from the law and all the other superheroes. The group consists of Enforcer (former pro wrestler), Bimara (super powered thief), Glider Hench #4 (career henchman), and Snow Globe (demolition expert for hire). The book is an action-comedy. There is some dark elements like a hero dying, but it is a not a dark doom and gloom book. I can enjoy some dark books from time to time, but I think comics need some more fun books.

When you’re lettering a book that you also wrote, do you find yourself changing things and editing from your original script?

Definitely so. I have done so in the past when working on stories I wrote. I found myself adding and deleting things a lot. It actually was a fun process.

Do you find that villains appeal more to you than then the heroes?

I have always loved stories about villains more. They always have cooler personalities and back stories. Some of my favorite comics are Superior Foes of Spider-Man, Suicide Squad, and Secret Six. I love the Rogues and Injustice Gang from JLI. Plus they have the whole underdog thing going for them because you know the good guys are going to win.

If you can have one superpower (only usable for evil purposes) what would it be?

I think being able to control time would be awesome. It would help with deadlines and beating other letterers to jobs.

You can meet Micah this weekend at Heroe’s Con, table AA-1817. Please check out his Kickstarter for The Disasters and help nudge him closer to his goal. LUCKY chapter one is available on Comixology, with a collected trade paperback releasing later this year.

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