Chewing the Fat with the Z-Day Team

Z Day is a brand new graphic novel co-written by Josh Rader and Brandon Macready with illustrations by the amazing Jason White. The book is about a team of Marines deployed in a zombie infested Nagasaki days before the ‘Fat man’ bomb was dropped.  The story follows them as they look for answers to the zombie outbreak.

The Z-Day creative team answered a few fun questions about comics and zombies.

Stache Publishing: What was the first comic book you read?

Josh Rader: I grew up in a small town in, so comics weren’t always available.  Every once in a while I’d get my hands on a book. It wasn’t my first comic, but I remember having a Spider-man book where he fought The Lizard, that I read over and over.  Most of my interests in comics came from growing up with cartoons like Batman the Animated Series, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and X-Men.  I read more comics now than I ever have previously in my life.

Brandon Macready: The first comic book I read was a G.I. Joe comic where Wild Bill put his helicopter down in trees and got captured by Cobra! Then, a classmate let me see his brand new copy of “A Death In the Family” and my little brother introduced me to the X-Men and Wolverine. While I guess I loved the idea of having super powers or being an ultra-billionaire and driving cars like the Bat Mobile. Kim Basinger as Vicki Vale might have had something to do with that as well!

Jason White: Superman #7.

Stache: What is your favorite comic of all time?

Josh: I’m an avid Batman fan and have been since I was little.   Batman is a character that has elements of traditional gothic literature.  Those horror elements definitely help with inspiration.  Some of my favorite Batman books are The Long Halloween, Mad Love, and The Killing Joke.  But, some non superhero books that I love are; Maus by Art Spiegelman, Blankets by Craig Thompson and Locke and Key by Joe Hill.

Brandon:  Batman: A Death in the Family.

Jason: The Walking Dead is my favorite,and it most certainly is an influence [on Z Day].


Stache: What is your plan for a zombie apocalypse?

Josh: Being from West Virginia, I grew up doing things like camping and fishing.  So I’d immediately head back to the mountains with my camping gear and stay in the national parks, where civilization is miles away and very few people tend to gather at once.  There are some natural springs so a water supply should be okay, but I’d have to rely on my fishing and hunting skills for food.

Brandon: Well, if the SHTF I think getting out of the D.C. area would be a no go! So, I would have to rely on what I have in my house to protect myself. I would fortify my house, research alternative energy sources, begin to stockpile water, and make sure that my family is safe and prepared as well.

Jason: The first signs of the outbreak appear I am getting home as soon as possible if I can make it there. I am pretty well trained and decently armed. Next is the grocery store across the street, I will be armed to show I mean business (I am more worried about other people than the zombies). Water and as much food as I can carry in a duffel bag are my main priority. Afterwards I would go back to my 3rd story apartment and let the shit hit the fan until I go mobile. No need to get stuck with every other idiot on a highway and be a buffet for the undead. If I can help people in the immediate vicinity, sure, but the smaller the group the less problems with un-tactical people trying to make decisions.

Stache: If there is a zombie outbreak and you have very little time to plan, what would be your go-to odd makeshift weapon?

zday_7_cJason:  A decent tree branch would be a weapon of choice. My martial arts knowledge will most certainly come to use to bludgeons some walkers.

Josh:  It’s not really an odd or makeshift weapon, but I have a .22 called an AR-7 made by Henry. the AR-7 is a weapon that was originally introduced to U.S. Air Force pilots in the 50s. This is a small rifle that weighs less than 4 lbs and can be disassembled to store entirely in the guns stock, so it would fit nicely in my camping pack. But of course a close range/melee weapon would also be needed and I think I’d go with a light hatchet or machete.

Brandon: If I am close to or in my house I would have to go with a hatchet, or a knife to make a spear or several spears with. If I am too far from my house, I would have to go with a large stick.


Z-Day may be preordered exclusively through a Kickstarter campaign during the month of August. A general release will follow in print and digital.

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