Cap Draw Captivates at Archon 38

Stache was invited to Archon 38 to run two panels, one on crowdfunding and the other on forming a comic creator collective.

anthony_instructAnthony Mathenia moderated the crowdfunding panel, which included a variety of creators who have received support from Internet backers. Paranormal-romance author Elizabeth Donald funded an east coast book tour with help from fans. Jordan Williams funded two installments of his Gunpowder Witch comic through Kickstarter. Professional alcoholic, Shane (Crash) Fulgham is no stranger to successful crowdfunding with fundraisers, fiction, and comics. Jordan and Shane shared tips that have helped them publish books. Elizabeth spoke at length about succeeding by doing everything wrong.

Anthony moderates a panel.The comic creator panel charted Stache’s growth from comic club to an innovative indie publisher. The audience was invited to join Stache creators in a quick comic creating exercise. The “cap draw” game was used to generate a quick list of characters, settings, and conflicts. Participants were invited to draw a one page comic using one the supplied story elements. A panel of Stache creators picked a winner.

The big draw of Archon is the legendary after-party at the next door Double Tree hotel. The lobby was packed with a diverse crowd from every perceivable fandom. Stache loaded up on complimentary Bud Light and hit the dance floor with a Bill Murray doppleganger.

Stache looks forward to returning to Archon 39 and enjoy of the unique party atmosphere of the local con.

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