Announcing Out of the Blue 3: “New Pulp”

The next installment of Stache Publishing’s Out of the Blues anthology series is currently seeking comic submissions. Like the previous two Out of the Blue collections, Stache is looking for unique, original, surprising and (perhaps most importantly) strange stories with a retro sensibility. The theme of third installment in the series is new pulp.

What is “new pulp?”

New pulp is fiction created with the same sensibilities, linear storytelling, pattern of conflict, and creative use of words and phrases of original Pulp, but crafted by modern creators.

Modern examples of new pulp comic books include Five Ghosts, Back Beetle, Tom Strong, Fatale, Criminal, Incognito, Joe Golem: Occult Detective and Hellboy.

Examples of classic pulp comic books include Rocketeer, The Shadow, Doc Savage, Tarzan, Vampirella, The Phantom, Zorro, Flash Gordon, Lone Ranger, Green Hornet and Jonah Hex, among others.

“I’m looking for comics with a fresh but pulpy feel, regardless of setting or art style; inverting stereotypes or other expectations is one way to have it qualify as “strange”. Regardless, preference for fast-paced adventures or suspenseful stories that have characters a bit larger than life, set in an interesting, dangerous, or exotic locale.” – Marta Tanrikulu, Editor

“I’m looking for stories that capture that vintage look and feel of classic pulp stories from the past. Like something ripped from the pages of a classic pulp magazines like Weird Tales or Amazing Stories, with wild adventure, larger than life heroes and thrilling action that made these tales so entertaining. Think genre fiction with a pulp twist and aesthetic.” – Corey Fryia, Editor

“I don’t want to limit the variety of art styles submitted, so I’m more in the camp that as long as it serves the story, then it works as new pulp. The wider the range the better! We need to get as many creators as we can from all over the globe!”- Marcus Muller, Editor

Submission details:

Preference will be given to works with no previous publication, followed by those with very limited or digital-only publication, or published in a language other than English. Superhero stories are unlikely to be accepted, but stories about noir-style, street level crime fighters (Green Hornet, The Shadow, Black Beetle etc.) are certainly welcomed. Please include a title and credits within the submission pages.

Page Count: 1 or more pages. (No page numbers on submissions, please.)
Finished Dimensions: 10″ x 15″ at 300 DPI (or higher)
File Format: RGB TIFF
Submission Dates: June 10 through June 30, 2016
Publication Date: November 2016 (estimated)
Payment: Royalties will be donated to the Comic Book Project, a child literacy program. Creators will receive one complimentary copy of the publication. Creators may also purchase additional copies at wholesale cost for resale.

To submit, email a low-resolution version as an attachment or secure link to the editors at If the work was previously published or accepted for publication, please state where. If possible, please include a Twitter handle or URL for every creator at the time of submission.

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