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Stache is available to moderate and host panel discussions at your comic convention or exposition. Here are a few that we have participated in the past. To arrange contact

Forming a Comic Creating Collective

Comics Against Humanity at Global BrewOne of the stumbling blocks for new creators is finding others to work with. Stache started as a group of strangers, some with no comic experience, and in just a couple of years are a growing business making new books. We can share the good, the bad, and even the ugly of this creative journey.

Talking Points:

  • Introduction
  • What a comic book creating collective is
  • How the first meeting went / types of people at first meeting
  • Activities that were utilized as ice breakers and creative warm-ups
  • Challenges that arose
  • Forming a serious group / Taking it to the next level
  • Audience Q&A

Crowdfunding Your Comic 

Anthony Mathenia on at Planet Comicon PanelStache has used Kickstarter, Indiegogo, and other Internet crowdfunding to help with the costs of printing comics. We’ve been pretty successful with over six campaigns fully funded. We also had a couple of failures that we have learned from. We can share our experience of what works and what doesn’t in order to have a successful crowd funding experience.

Talking Points:

  • Introduction and Projects
  • Getting Started : choice to crowdfund, and research
  • Running the Campaign
  • Rewards
  • Backer Fulfillment, fulfillment issues
  • Project Update
  • Audience Q&A

Word Hard – Play Hard 

Stache Raging at Project ComiconMaking and publishing comic books can be exhausting work. While most people attend comic conventions for fun, we attend them for business. But does that mean we can’t have fun along the way? We can share our humorous stories of past conventions and how we maintain a balance between business and fun to make running a small business and tabling at conventions a memorable experience.

Talking Points:

  • Introduction
  • Talk about business aspects that need more serious attention
  • Talk about some things you need to keep light hearted
  • Talk about how to turn a hotel room into a functional living/party area (bathtub cooler, etc)
  • Talk about finding entertainment (afterparties, parties, high school prom, dances, etc)
  • What are your craziest con stories?
  • Audience Q&A

From Convict Publisher to Street Comix Creator
with Seth Ferranti

Seth FerrentiWhile serving an LSD kingpin conviction, Seth Ferranti started a successful writing career. His raw portrayals of the New York crack era gangsters gained the attention of Don Diva and Vice, who he began writing for.  From prison he established Gorilla Convict, a true-crime publisher with books like Street Legends and Supreme Team.

Seth shares his intriguing story, as he built a writing and journalism career after landing on the US Marshals Top-15 Most Wanted list.  His incredible story has been covered by The Washington Post, The Washington Times, and Rolling Stone.

He is currently working on Street Comix, an upcoming comic anthology bring the true voice of the street from the best urban fiction writers. The anthology contains Seth’s Supreme Team, a graphic novel series documenting the rise of Supreme, the notorious Queens-Jamaica crack crime lord. Street Comix is part of Stache Publishing’s Make Comix, a DIY campaign to increase the diversity of voices in mainstream comics.

Talking Points:

  • Introduction
  • Seth shares his story
  • Talk about move into comics with Supreme Team, Graphic Novel
  • Talk about Street Comix (with other creators when available)
  • Audience Q&A

Seth is available for other speaking engagements and panels. Topics may include true-crime writing, street journalism, the US prison system, the 80’s Jamaica-Queens gangsters, the crack era, and publishing.