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Stache is an independent small press comic publisher operating out of St. Louis, MO. The company was founded on the principal that comics are an amazing vehicle for creative expression that more people should experience. To that end, Stache seeks to create diversity within comics by looking for voices not typically represented by the medium. We do this by bringing together authors and artists new to comics with established professionals throughout the industry.The result are compelling and creative works of art by way of the raw-intensity of punk rock and hip-hop.

Stache publishes comic series like Gunpowder Witch and Pretty Face. Collected anthologies include 7 Deadly Sins and Out of the Blue. Check out our full listing.

Stache members are available for appearances and panels.

Feel free to contact Stache or individual members.


Ryan J. Burst
Ryan J. Burst
Marcus Muller
Marcus Muller
Ryan Lawson
Illustrator, Colorist, Writer
Ryan LawsonIllustrator, Colorist, Writer
Drew Rose
Writer, Letterer, Graphic Designer
Drew RoseWriter, Letterer, Graphic Designer
Jordan Williams
Social Media Coordinator, Artist, Writer, Colorist, Letterer
Jordan WilliamsSocial Media Coordinator, Artist, Writer, Colorist, Letterer
Anthony Mathenia
Production Manager, Writer, Colorist, Letterer
Anthony MatheniaProduction Manager, Writer, Colorist, Letterer